Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach to the care of patients with cancer

All cases of patients diagnosed with cancer are discussed in a The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Meeting. This allows for an integrated team approach to health care in which surgical, medical and nursing care professionals consider all relevant treatment options and develop collaboratively an individual treatment plan for each patient. The team includes Dr El-Khoury himself along with other Colorectal surgeons, Medical Oncologist, Radiation ocologists, Genetic Physicians, pathologists, Radiologists, Stomal Nurses and cancer care coordinator. This meeting takes place every Friday morning.

There is increasing evidence that MDT discussions improves patient outcome. This Multidisciplinary care adopted by Dr El-Khoury has been proven to give the best practices in relation to planning for treatment and caring for the cancer patients. You are assured of improved treatment, cut down service duplication, enhanced patient care coordination, catering for physical and emotional needs of patients and superior team work.

Some of the conditions that are taken care of by Multidisciplinary care unit are:

• Colon Cancer
• Rectal Cancer
• Anal cancer
• Small bowel Cancer
• Tumors of the appendix
• Cancer found in a polyp
• Other tumors such as Carcinoid and GIST

Dr El-Khoury will discuss the operation detailing the indications, the risks and the benefits of the surgery and will also supplement his discussions with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons information on the surgery.