General Questions

Why do I need a GP referral?

You need a current GP referral for your visit to claim the Medicare rebate for your visit. Payment will be required in full for your visit. Some of this can be claimed back from medicare if you have a current GP referral. Your GP will provide you with a referral on request.

Clinical Questions

Can I catch bowel cancer?

No, bowel cancer is not catching. It is true that people who have a family history or bowel cancer are more likely to get it than people who don’t, but that doesn’t mean you can pass it on to anybody else. Nor does it mean you can catch it off anybody.

Is it possible to have blood in your stool, but not have bowel cancer?

Yes, it is quite common to have blood in your stool yet not have colon cancer. Rectal bleeding or blood in or on the stool is never normal and should not be ignored. You should see your doctor immediately.

What are the symptoms of early bowel cancer?

In the early stages, when bowel cancer can be more easily cured, there are few, if any, symptoms. After that, these are the symptoms to look for:

Bleeding from the bowel. While this is the most important symptom, it does not always mean that bowel cancer is present.

Abdominal symptoms such as pain, bloating, weight loss or mucous in bowel motions.

Change in bowel habit, ranging from constipation to persistent diarrhoea.

Low iron levels, which can cause anaemia and tiredness.